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How do I insure my unit contents?

You will need to purchase renters insurance from and agent, however some homeowners and renters policies cover storage.  Contact your insurance provider to find out more.


What should I do when I move out?

Contact us and tell us you will be moving out (advanced notice is not required).  You will be responsible for the unit rent until we have been notified and the unit is vacant.  Remove all items and sweep the unit clean (there is a $10 clean up fee for an unclean vacated unit).


Can I reserve a storage unit?

Yes, however, since reserving a unit also means we can no longer rent that unit, we must begin charging rent at that point.


How long is the term of lease agreement?

Our rental contracts are month-to-month - no long term agreements are required.


When can I have access to my unit?

All units have 24 hour access.  However, accounts more than 15 days past due will be denied access.