620 Gore Road Facility

Located at the intersection of Lisbon & Gore Roads, this facility has over 170 units of varying sizes. The facility is fenced, gated and has cameras.

750 Gore Facility (2)

750 Gore Road Facility

Located just ½ mile west of our 620 Gore Road facility, this facility has 38 units of varying sizes. The premises has cameras for security.

Highland Facility (3)

Highland Drive Facility (2525 Highland Dr.)

Located just 300 ft. west of the 750 Gore Rd facility, this facility has 51 units of either 10’x15’ or 10’x25’ sizes.

Route 47 Storage

Route 47 Facility (3440 N. Route 47)

Located south of Morris just 1 mile south of the Illinois River, this facility has 48 units of either 10’x30’ or 12’x30’ sizes perfect for boat storage. The 12’x30’ units have dual doors to drive thru for easy drop off and pick-up.